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AMESim Platform

The AMESim Platform is the core of the AMESim software. By means of its powerful facilities, analysis or optimization tools, it offers an advanced and easy-to-use environment for 1D system simulation and robust design. Its physically conservative multi-port modeling of physical components as well as its block-diagram approach for control systems enables the coupling of all its libraries together, within a built-in and comprehensive workflow. Various scripting and customization capabilities provide seamless integration of AMESim in our customers' existing design processes. Open and flexible, the AMESim Platform efficiently interfaces with many 1D/3D CAE software and helps users to quickly derive and export models for standard realtime targets, by providing a consistent and continuous MiL/SiL/HiL capable framework.

Platform Facilities

Take advantage of the unique usability and scalability of the AMESim Platform with all the AMESim Graphical User Interfaces, the Interactive Help and associated features such as the Supercomponent facility, the Batch Run monitor, the Experiment Manager or the Post-Processed variables.

Analysis Tools

Analyze your data and system results with advanced plotting Facilities, dashboard, animation, Table Editor, linear analysis, activity index or replay.

Optimization, Robustness, Design of Experiments

Improve your system design with AMESim Design Exploration, AMESim Export module or the AMESim-Optimus Interface.

AMESim Simulator scripting

Use advanced AMESim scripting tools for model interaction automation, AMESim APIs for full command-line building of complete AMESim models.

AMESim Customization

Tailor your platform to your specific needs thanks to AMESim assistants for your Applications tools, as well as customized parameter editing using external executables.

Solvers and Numerics

Benefit from AMESim cutting-edge numerical methods, Performance Analyzer, Discrete Partitioning library for CPU time reduction, and Parallel Processing feature for multi-processor task distribution.

MIL/SIL/HIL & Real-Time

Model Plant/Control with Simulink or LabVIEW interfaces. Export to various Real-Time targets: dSPACE, xPC TARGET …

Software Interfaces

Co-simulate with any software coupled with AMESim thanks to the AMESim Generic Co-simulation capability & Functional Mock-up Interface.


Import/Export and Interface with many 1D/3D CAE tools like FEM import of reduced modal basis, MBS software co-simulation and import/export interfaces (with LMS Virtual.Lab Motion, MSC.ADAMS …), CFD software co-simulation through Generic Co-simulation to couple with Fluent, CFX, StarCD, Eole ...

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