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The new LMS SCADAS Recorder for autonomous, in-field testing applications

Built on the SCADAS Mobile platform, the LMS SCADAS Recorder has been designed for applications such as proving ground testing, large production plants, off-road vehicles, wind turbines and many other demanding applications. 

Scadas-outdoor-48The LMS SCADAS Recorder can be used as an autonomous recorder, as a smart recorder with a wireless PDA connection or as a front-end system for in-field and laboratory applications. The system is compatible with major sensor types and is seamlessly integrated with the LMS Test.Lab, LMS Test.Xpress and LMS TecWare software for noise, vibration and durability analysis. This extends the LMS platform to the broadest possible range of data acquisition and analysis tasks. This new LMS SCADAS Recorder brings LMS into the world of the autonomous recording.

Versatile 3-in-1 functionality

Compatible with major sensor types, this innovative recorder features three-in-one functionality. For quick on-the-go data acquisition, it is a practical standalone data recorder that operates without a PC connection thanks to the embedded data acquisition engine and its handy CompactFlash® data storage card. Integrate a Microsoft Windows Mobile PDA and it can act as an enhanced “smart” data recorder for on-the-spot data monitoring and measurement validation. Ever the all-rounder, it is also a perfect data acquisition front-end for lab-based and in-field measurements.

D3LMS07-214Autonomous data recording

The LMS SCADAS Recorder operates 100% autonomously. The LMS SCADAS Recorder is particularly suited for challenging test applications, such as motorcycles, off-road vehicles, largescale production plants or wind turbines, where using a PC-based data acquisition unit would be unpractical or impossible. The unit simply saves the acquired data on the CompactFlash® card along with the required conversion format for further analysis on-site or back at the office.

Smart recording

Using the Bluetooth® antenna and a Microsoft Windows Mobile PDA, LMS SCADAS Recorder users can control and monitor the entire measurement process via the PDA’s easy-to-use graphical user interface. This direct feedback about the recording status per channel includes overload, min, max, broadband RMS, RPM, GPS and CAN-bus data. Engineers can access instant embedded intelligent documentation in various formats including Word, Excel or HTML.

Scadas-outdoor-41Flexible data acquisition front-end

The LMS SCADAS Recorder can also be used as a PC front-end system for laboratory and in-field testing. This indoor-outdoor flexibility is the perfect way to reduce overall hardware cost and to eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of switching systems. The LMS SCADAS Recorder is seamlessly integrated with the LMS software for noise, vibration and durability testing and analysis, delivering optimal data quality and consistency.

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