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LMS TecWare

Efficient data processing

A critical factor for successful durability engineering is gaining a precise understanding of the loads that products will undergo during their anticipated lifetime. The availability of realistic load data is essential for virtual and physical product validation and optimization.
LMS TecWare is a modular suite of solutions for durability load data processing. LMS TecWare streamlines the process of consolidating acquired load data, analyzing durability-specific characteristics and preparing for reliable simulations, proving ground and rig test campaigns - without requiring any cryptic commands or writing complex programs. This way engineers can gain more accurate insights into the durability performance of new product designs throughout the development process. 

Everything you need for durability data processing

LMS TecWare 03.jpgConsolidate vast amounts of acquired load data 

LMS TecWare helps test engineers efficiently validate gigabytes of raw data from mobile data acquisition campaigns. A multitude of measurements - containing any combination of  strain, load, moment, displacement, acceleration, tacho, pressure, temperature, CAN, GPS and wheel force transducer data are consolidated, either interactively on a channel-by-channel basis, or fully automated through standardized processes.

LMS TecWare 09.jpgGain a precise understanding of loads

LMS TecWare focuses on monitoring and comparing essential durability related aspects to select representative loading scenarios. A core capability of LMS TecWare is its extensive range of dedicated durability-specific data interpretation methods. These methods are based on statistics, rainflow and frequency analysis and help engineers efficiently qualify and quantify the load data durability potential.

LMS TecWare 10.jpgAnalyze fatigue in-depth

LMS TecWare accurately estimates the fatigue life of a component, based on measured strain histories or individual tensors and cyclic material properties. It helps the user conduct a wide range of design sensitivity studies such as the variability of loading, materials, surface conditions and local geometry. As a result, you optimize the components’ fatigue performance.

LMS TecWare 11.jpgAccelerate durability test scenarios 

LMS TecWare removes non-damaging events from long duration measurements to accelerate durability tests or simulations and helps engineers test more variants in the same amount of time. An optimal compromise between reduced testing time and preserved damage potential is guaranteed.

LMS TecWare 12.jpgDesign customer-correlated durability test schedules

Mapping the real customer usage of your product to a condensed durability test scenario is not obvious. With LMS TecWare, any guesswork is eliminated by calculating, via an optimization procedure, the optimal mix of test track sections that match the target customer usage with respect to fatigue.

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