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LMS Virtual.Lab

LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 12 makes virtual simulation even more realistic
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The integrated environment for functional performance simulation

LMS Virtual.Lab is an integrated suite of 3D FE and multi body modeling software which simulates and optimizes the performance of mechanical systems for structural integrity, noise and vibration, system dynamics and durability. Using LMS Virtual.Lab, engineering teams can build accurate simulation models, simulate their real-life performance, quickly assess multiple design alternatives and optimize designs before prototype construction.

Accurately simulate real-life behavior
This suite accurately models and simulates mechanical design behavior in real-life circumstances. Its robust and accurate solvers and innovative tools take actual user circumstances into account. LMS Virtual.Lab accurately detects weak spots and allows users to efficiently explore multiple design alternatives in time to impact major design decisions.

Streamline product development
LMS Virtual.Lab covers all the process steps and required technologies to perform an end-to-end design assessment in each key discipline.

LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics

Acoustic simulation. Create and run multi-physics simulation models to analyze complex system behavior and support the design of controlled system from early specification to subsystem testing.

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion offers a highly efficient, completely integrated solution to build multibody models that simulate the full-motion behavior of complex mechanical system designs.

LMS Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration

LMS Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration is developed to efficiently analyze, refine and optimize the vibro-acoustic behavior of a design.

LMS Virtual.Lab Correlation

LMS Virtual.Lab Correlation allows users to combine test-based and virtual component models into system-level models for more productive simulation.

LMS Virtual.Lab Durability

LMS Virtual.Lab Durability allows engineers to design reliable products right from the start.

LMS Virtual.Lab Structures

LMS Virtual.Lab Structures offers a scalable solution for structural modeling and analysis, integrating advanced model creation and manipulation tools to efficiently generate component, subsystem and full-system models.

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